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The Opportunity

Earn Money When You Share the Solavei Experience

Powered By Relationships

What We Represent

Solavei is a social commerce platform built on the belief that even a single relationship can make life better for many. Solavei's mission is to offer our members high quality mobile phone service at a very attractive price. For those who want to do more, we also offer the opportunity to earn income by sharing Solavei with others.

Understand what we represent

We believe your word is the most powerful form of marketing. While other companies spend billions on traditional marketing, we reward you for sharing Solavei with the people who know and trust you. In short, we spend our money on the best advertiser in the world... you.

How You Earn with Solavei

Here's how relationships can be so powerful:

Instead of spending billions on national advertising campaigns, Solavei empowers you to earn when you share. When you sign up just three people — what we call a "Trio" — for Solavei service, you'll start earning income. And if they sign up others for Solavei service, they earn income — and you do too!

How Trios Are Formed

You earn by building Trios.
  • A Trio is made up of 3 people with activated mobile service who share the same sponsor
  • A Trio is considered "enrolled" when all 3 people have enrolled with Solavei service
  • A Trio is considered "qualified" when all 3 people have enrolled, activated service, and renewed monthly service for the following period or second month of service


For an illustrated look on how Trios work, see the Understanding Trios. You can also view the Compensation Plan Overview in PDF format.

There are 4 ways to earn income:

  • Fast Action Bonus (FAB)
  • Trio Pay
  • Path Pay
  • One-Time Path Bonus

Learn more about each way to earn income below.

Understanding Your Network

Four key terms to know about your network:

Direct Network: Your direct network is made up of the people you directly enroll.

Personal Network: Your personal network is made up of the people you directly enroll and those they directly enroll.

Extended Network: Anything outside of a Member's Personal Network (beyond two degrees of connection).

Total Network: All connections — Personal and Extended — within a Member's network.

How the Fast Action Bonus (FAB) Works

You have the opportunity to earn a Fast Action Bonus (FAB) for Trios you directly enrol in your first 60 days of joining Solavei. Learn more about the Fast Track Bonus from here.

FAB Countdown Clock | Wireless IndependentThe 60-day timeline begins on the date a member enrolls in the program. A countdown clock we be clearly displayed on the member'a dashboard in MySolavei for the first 60 days.

How Trio Pay Works

Your personal network is made up of the people you directly enroll and those they directly enroll. 

For every Trio in your personal network, you earn $20/month for as long as your connections use Solavei mobile service.

Note: you must remain an active Social Member.

Trio Pay Scenarios

Only 3 Members who share the same sponsor count as a Trio.

Having 9 members in your Personal Network does not necessarily equal 3 Trios.

Only Members with activated mobile service, not SMO (Social Member Only), count toward Trios.

Service Members enrolled by SMOs do count toward Trios.

How Path Pay & Bonuses Work

As your entire network of Qualified Trios (personal and extended) continues to grow, you advance in rank on the achievement path. Each band has three ranks. Advancing in rank earns you an increased monthly Path Pay in addition to your Trio Pay.

One-Time Path Bonus: As you progress from one band to another, you will receive a One-Time Path Bonus. (see chart below.)

Achievement Path Path Earnings Rank Requirements
Path Bands One-Time Path Bonus Monthly Path Pay Total Trios Trios in Personal Network
SocialPartner 1 $ - 1 1
2 $50 4 1
3 $100 8 2
SocialConnector 1 $500 $200 12 4
2 $400 16 5
3 $1,000 20 6
SocialNetworker 1 $2,000 $2,000 100 8
2 $3,000 250 10
3 $4,000 500 12
SocialDirector 1 $5,000 $5,000 750 14
2 $6,000 1,000 16
3 $8,000 1,250 20
SocialExecutive 1 $10,000 $10,000 1,500 24
2 $15,000 1,750 26
3 $20,000 $20,000 2,000 30
40% Rule: Beyond Social Partner, no more than 40% of your Trios can come from any single individual's network.
Find out how this works with the 40% rule examples
Examples of potential earnings are for illustrative purposes only. Actual earnings from Solavei depend entirely on your own abilities and efforts. Check out the Compensation Plan the Compensation Plan Details and the Compensation Disclosure Statement.

Compensation Plan FAQ

How Fast can I make money?
The faster you can sign up 12 people the faster you'll make a $200 FAST ACTION BONUS (FAB). This bonus is paid out every two weeks after the closing qualifying period. FABs will be paid out on the 12th and 24th each month and members have 60 days to meet spaonsoring 12 people into their personal network from the day they join. There are two cut offs for this Bonus. The first one is midnight of the 15th day of the month to be paid on the 24th day of the month. The second one is the last day of the month to be paid on the 12th day of the following month.

When are pay days?
Solavei pays on the 12th and 24th each month.

How do we get paid?
Solavei pays its members with a paycard. This paycard is a Visa Debit card, where your funds are loaded into every two weeks. Funds can be withdrawn at many ATM machines or transferred to bank accounts through direct deposit out of your paycard. ATM fees and bank transfer fees may apply. Paycards are received by mail 5-7 business days after joining Solavei.

Can people outside of the USA make money?
If you have Social Security #, ITIN # or EIN # as well as a US address then you are eligible to join as a Solavei member.

What is a Trio?
A Trio consists of 3 Service Members signed up by one Member (Sponsor).

What is my personal network?
A Member's Personal Network consists of his/her personal referrals and each of their persons personal referrals.

What is my extended network?
The Extended Network is anything outside of a Member's Personal Network (beyone two degrees of connection).

What is FAB?

  • A FAB is a Fast Action Bonus. It's one of 4 ways people can earn an income in Soalvei.
  • A 60-day incentive program that automatically starts upon your enrollment as a Solavei Member.
  • Provides Members with the ability to earn an immediate bonus up to $200 in the first 60 days.
  • The 60-day timeline runs from the date the Member joins Solavei and is referenced by a countdown clock in the Member Community. This clock will be clearly displayed for the 60 days and will countdown backwards in days, hours and minutes.
  • Is only paid on Service Members based on their enrollment date. FAB is not paid on Social Members without Service.
  • Payment structure is as follows:
    • Pays $50 for 1st Trio
    • Pays an additional $50 for 2nd Trio
    • Pays an additional $50 for 3rd Trio
    • Pays an additional $50 for 4th Trio
What is Trio Pay?
  • Pays $20 per month for Trios (3 people) in one's Personal Network.
  • A 60-day incentive program that automatically starts upon your enrollment as a Solavei Member.
  • Trio Pay is unlimited in amount and can be built continually. Social Members can continue to add Trios into perpetuity and earn money on them each month for as long as the Trio is not broken.
  • A Trio will cease to exist if one or more Members of the Trio stops paying for Solavei Mobile Service. When this occurs, the $20 associated with that Trio would cease to be paid.
  • The Solavei Community will provide a view of your network and the status of its Members.
  • Horizontal Compression: Re-forms a Trio if the Sponsor has additional Service Members they directly enrolled not already assigned to a Trio. For example: if someone has 4 Service Members they have directly signed up as the Sponsor, thus getting paid for a Trio with one left over, and their Trio breaks (someone drops out), their 4th Service Member will automatically slot in and complete the Trio so there is no breakage in their pay. No additional actions are required from the Member, the system that Solavei has designed will compress automatically when a Trio breaks.
  • Vertical Compression: There is no vertical compression within the Compensation Plan. This means that if the Sponsor becomes deactivated, their place in the network remains unfilled. The rest of the network remains unchanged.
  • A Trio is not created when one Member signs 2 Service Memebrs and another Member signs 1. This does not create a Trio. A Trio is only created when one Member signs all 3 Service Members.
  • There is no time limit on when a Trio can be formed. E.g., Sign a Service Member today, another in 6 weeks, and another in 6 months. Once the final Service Member is signed to complete that Trio, the Trio will be paid from that point forward as long as it remains active.
  • Trios are formed automatically by the Solavei Compensation System using predefined rules. There is no selection or election to be part of a particular Trip. For example, if a Member signs a new Service Member on each of May 20, June 2, June 7 and June 13, the Solavei Compensation System will examine the first 3 Service Members signed to determine if the requirements to form a Trio have been met. If qualifications are met, the Trio if formed, but if not, the system will look at the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th Service Members to determine if they qualifications have been met.

When Is It Paid:
Trio Pay is based on monthly service plan fees paid by Solavei Members with the earnings calculated and paid semimonthly.

Trio Pay is earned after each Member of a Trio completes their Monthly Mobile Service Anniversary and pays the following month's mobile service fee. Trio Pay earned between the 1st and 15th of the month is paid on the 24th and Trio Pay earned between the 16th and the last day of the month is paid on the 12th of the following month.
What happens when a Member does not pay for a monthly service? A grace period of five days is available for Service Members who become suspended for non-payment and then restore service by making a payment. If a Member makes a payment within the grace period, the Trio Pay will be earned based on the actual payment date. If a Service Member makes a payment outside the grace period, absent horizontal compression, the Sponsor will lose Trio Pay for that period and Trio Pay will begin again the following month if all members complete another Monthly Service Anniversary. What is Path Pay?

  • All Members have the opportunity to earn Path Pay as they move up in Rank by enrolling more people.
  • Rank is based on achieving progressively higher combinations of Personal Trios and Total Trios as reflected in the pay chart PDF Document.
  • Path Pay ranges from $50 to $20,000 per month and is paid as long as the applicable numbers of Personal and Total Trios remain in place.
  • The number of Trios used to determine Rank is the number of Trios for which Trio Pay was earned in the prior calendar month.
  • There are additional constraints that will also be considered in determining Rank
    • A Social Member cannot have more than 40% of the Total Trios required to advance to a given rank come from any one Social Member within your Network.
    • Pays an additional $100 for 2nd Trio
    • Being a Member in good standing (paid in full for all fees. i.e. , the annual $149 fee for Social Members without Service)

When it gets paid:
Qualification for Path Pay is calculated as of the end of a calendar month and it is paid on the 12th of the following month.

What is the Pay Pay Bonus?

  • A one-time Path Bonus is paid upon achieving the following Ranks:
    • Social Connector - $500, 12 total trios, 4 in personal network
    • Social Networker - $2,000, 100 total trios, 8 in personal network
    • Social Director - $5,000, 750 total trios, 14 in personal network
    • Social Executive - $20,000, 2000 total trios, 30 in personal network

Is this a pyramid scheme?


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