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Mobile Service

Do You Have Mobile Phone Coverage on the 4G Network?

One great plan that covers where
you live, work and play.

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Unlimited Voice, Data & Text on a Nationwide 4G Network

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No overages. No commitment. No problem. And instead of spending billions on advertising, we make it possible for you to lower your bill or even earn money, just for sharing this great service with your family and friends.

Solavei Verizon AT&T Sprint Boost Mobile
$49.00/month $80.00/month $89.99/month $99.00/month $50.00/month
Unlimited voice, text and data Unlimited voice, text and 1 GB of data 450min voice, unlimited text and 3GB of data Unlimited voice, text and data Unlimited voice, text and data
As you can see, there's no comparison. And those other carriers would never share their profits with their customers.

Comparison based on published rates as of 8/1/12 and does not reflect any additional amounts that may be charged, such as taxes or surcharges. Solavei mobile service is subject to Terms and Conditions. Pricing and service details are subject to change.

Nationwide 4G speeds.

Solavei Coverage Map

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Fast 4G Network

Solavei Coverage MapWe're proud to have one of the leading 4G networks in the nation. Make sure we have the coverage you need to stay connected where it counts.

Commonly Asked Questions About The Service

Where can I get coverage?
Solavei's network of service is built into a 4G Nationwide Network and allows coverage in all 50 states. This 4G Nationwide Network reaches 96% of the USA. Some members can join Solavei without using the mobile service if coverage is not available in their home area.

Can I use iPhone on Solavei's Network?
The iPhone is fully supported for 4G service in some markets and more markets are being added each month. This means that if you have an unlocked GSM version of the iPhone, you'll be able to put in a Solavei SIM card and get a quality voice and text experience. Note that in some markets 4G is not yet supported and you will be able to access data at 2G speeds.

Can I use iPhone 5 on Solavei's Network?
At this time Solavei has plans to support the new nano SIM Card for the iPhone 5 sometime in March. Solavei will announce the exact launch date shortly.

What if I am in a contract with an existing mobile carrier?
Many mobile providers lock their clients into two year contracts. These contracts may have large ETFs (Early Termination Fees). By switching to Solavei, you'll never have to worry about ETFs again. There are 3 ways to make your ETFs much less painful.

Method #1: Letting your FAB (Fast Action Bonus) pick up the tab. The FAB allows you to get paid $650 when you enroll 12 personal members within 60 days from your enrollment date. Use this $650 to buy a new phone or pay ETFs to break an existing contract. If you enroll 9 people in 60 days, you will earn a $350 FAB, which is still a good amount to offset ETFs.

Method #2: Do the math. Are you really saving money by staying with your old carrier? Do they have unlimited talk, text and data for $40 a month? Will you save more by dropping them now and staying with Solavei long term? Most people pay between $70 and $150 a month for their mobile services. That's $840 to $1800 per year vs. Solavei's $588 per year costs. Think long term here; take the savings and invest them into breaking your contract. Most ETFs are $200 to $400. With Solavei's plan, not only will you get a cheaper phone bill, but you also get the ability to earn money. None of the big cell phone carriers allow you to do that every month!

Method #3: Ride out your existing contract. Keep your contract and stay a customer until it expires. Treat your Solavei service as a business line, while carrying the original line phone balance. Call your provider and have them reduce all the minutes and add-ons to their lowest possible minimums.

What if I want to keep my phone number?
You can keep your existing phone # from a landline or a mobile line. The mobile line must be out of a contract to be ported over. If it is under a contract, you may pay an ETF from your provider to release your phone # to be ported to Solavei. If you have family plans attached to your phone # with your old provider, your phone services will remain intact, even though you have terminated your phone contract. Call your carrier to get the full details on penalties for porting phone #'s that are still under contract.

What is a GSM SIM card?
A Global System for Mobile Communication Subscriber Identity Module, or GSM SIM card, is a SIM card that uses the GSM network. Having this card in an unlocked cell phone while using the correct frequency, allows a cell phone user to use his cell phone in various countries all over the world. The GSM network is the network used by most countries in the world, allowing cell phone users to carry their phones from country to country. This network is not the primary network used in countries such as the United States, which is why many US residents have trouble using their phone overseas

To use a GSM SIM card, a user will need an unlocked phone. That is, a phone that is able to use SIM cards from different phone carriers. The unlocked phone will need to use the GSM network and work at the frequency the destination country uses. In many European countries, that frequency is 900MHz or 1800MHz. A phone that uses the proper frequency is important because even if a phone can use the GSM network, if it is not on the correct frequency, it still won't work. Once a user has an unlocked phone that will work with the GSM network as well as the correct frequency, he can use the GSM SIM card. This card allows the user to use the same phone number internationally, no matter which country he is in.

Solavei members can buy a phone with a compatible SIM card on the day they enroll for $159 in price. Or members can do the BYOP (Bring Your Own Phone) Program, by using approved GSM phones into Solavei, and will need to purchase a SIM card that is compatible with our network. Having the phone's IMEI # (go to make a call, and enter *#06# to find your IMEI #) will let us know if your phone can be used on the Solavei networks and what speeds your phone is capable of running on.

Can I bring a phone that is not a GSM Phone from Verizon, Sprint, US Cellular or Boost Mobile?
No, all phones must be GSM Phones with compatible SIM cards and tested based on the IMEI # for compatibility on the network. With that being said, many phones both used and second hand phones will work from AT&T and T-Mobile on Solavei's network.

What phone does Solavei offer with a new membership?
Solavei does not currently offer any handsets for purchase. At this time it is required that you bring your own phone onto the Solavei network. Solavei may offer new handsets for purchase in the near future.

Does Solavei offer phone insurance?
At this time, Solavei does not offer phone insurance.

Are there long term contracts with Solavei?
No. Solavei provides a pre-paid billing plan, that goes month to month, and members can cancel at anytime.

Are there are credit checks with Solavei?
No. There are no credit checks to become a Solavei member.

How do I pay for my service on the Solavei network?
All service for Solavei is paid via debit or credit cards and all services are paid for in a month in advance.

Are there long distance or roaming charges?
No. There are no long distance or roaming charges.

What is the speed of Solavei's Network?
The fastest speeds on Solavei are 4G speeds, with compatible phones and network coverage. Some areas will have 3G or 2G/Edge speeds as certain phones are not compatible to handle 4G or 3G speeds. Please educate yourself about usable phones that can be brought into the Solavei network.

What does unlimited Texting look like?
Unlimited Text includes unlimited incoming text messages along with unlimited outgoing text messages to any domestic or international mobile number when inside the U.S. Unlimited texting also includes picture and video messages anywhere in the U.S. (including Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, and the U.S. Virgin Islands)

What does unlimited Data look like?
Unlimited Data within the U.S. (includes Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, and the US Virgin Islands) keeps you free from data overages with no additional charges regardless of the amount of data used. Data speeds will reduce when the amount of data used exceeds 4GB in a billing cycle or when roaming domestically off of the Solavei network. Speeds reduce to a 2G data experience in these situations.

What does unlimited Talk look like?
Unlimited Talk includes both unlimited incoming and outgoing calls to any domestic U.S. phone number when inside the U.S. (including Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, and the U.S. Virgin Islands).

Are there retail locations to purchase Solavei SIM cards?
During our first phase of launch, the Solavei Team will be focused on empowering personal connections. We have submitted the desire to have retail, kiosks and packages of SIM cards purchased to the Solavei Marketing and Product teams. After our nationwide launch we will be able to provide additional details on the capabilities for Retail locations.

Can I call International #'s with my Solavei phone?
Solavei offers prepaid international long distance as an add-on service to your standard Unlimited Voice, Text, and Data. International long distance is available when calling from anywhere in the US to more than 200 countries around the world. (This does not enable international roaming, your Solavei SIM card will not work when traveling outside the US.) International rates vary by country and change over time.

My mobile phone company has a matching or a better price offer, can you beat it?
Really, you can get true unlimited talk, text AND data for $49/mo? If that's true- you got a great deal. But just one question... How much does that company pay you each month and can you get your phone service FREE each month by referring others? I did not think so- time to join Solavei!

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